With HQI we want to be a strong partner for companies active in the food and pharmaceutical industry and suppliers to these companies. In order to be a strong partner, we have built our mission around 3 key words: ecology, food waste and strong brands.

1/ ecology: all our used energy is and will forever be green energy. These are produced out of water, wind and sun. We choose it consciously for a green energy partner that can meet this 100%.
With the company we choose to have the smallest possible environmental impact. All products that are purchased from us can after they have been used be returned to us., They are 100% recycled by us. New products are made from the recycled material, without loss of quality. As a result, we reduce the waste mountain and there will be no detectable plastics in the environment.

2/ Food waste is a problem all over the world, By making use of our products, we contribute to this problem and less food must be rejected and destroyed during production.
All products that can cause possible contamination and are made of detectable plastic, rubber or metal are detected by metal or x-ray detectors. Then they are ejected during the production process. As a result, only the contaminated food from the production process will disappear, otherwise complete production batches will have to be destroyed.

3/ Strong brands: all companies strive for a strong brand name, we are also working hard on this.
To have a strong brand, all negative advertising is bad advertising and costs a company much resources. We are happy to contribute to your strong brand. By using our products the chances of brand damage are significantly reduced. This is because no contaminated food leaves the company and enters the food chain with materials used during the production process.