In order to carry out our mission, we obviously need clients who share our values.
Our vision is to closely involve our customers in achieving a minimum of food waste. already during the production process, this already from the start of food processing.

We will do this by regularly questioning our customers. This allows us to identify possible contamination during the production of food.
By combining the power of the various production companies, we get a broader view of possible problems. In consultation with the machine builders, we develop with them to replace their plastic parts in detectable material parts.
By offering our products online, these innovative materials are distributed in our network, with the benefit of all other food producers. They can therefore equip their production sites with these materials so that the possible risk of contamination can be limited or excluded.

Future-oriented, we go one step further. We are going to sit down with all stakeholders to adapt our products to the needs within the various production companies. This allows us to manufacture less different products. With as result, the quantities of these products grow and the products can drop in price.
With HQI we want to support and advise these companies. With HQIstore we sell these innovative products because other companies also have the right to reduce food waste.

HQI stands for an overall reduction in food waste